Sunday, August 23, 2009

All Natural Products

Another good find for me is the Indigo products which I chance upon during my surfing and my precious all around information n@w. When Bella is snoozing, I sometimes sneak for a few hours to go and look for good buys for her on the net. I make it a point to search for products which are natural and free of chemicals as I don't want her to be exposed to these kind of products. One of which are the products of indigo baby.

These are the items that I initially ordered from them

Free from Parabens, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals, Lanolin and other unnecessary synthetic ingredients!

The first product I search was something to protect my precious from mosquitoes that carry the deadly dengue. Good thing they have shoo fly 60 ml Spray bottle which is deet free. No need for me to worry about chemicals.

And for those of you tired of that strong citronella smell, this lavender, geranium, eucalyptus & citronella-based insect repellent is heaven in a bottle! Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me will keep those pesky mosquitoes away from you and your loved ones. This product is already proven to be effective, mine is almost finish so I will be ordering again anytime soon.

Another one from their list of items is the Jar of Love. A healing gel made from Peppermint pure essential oils. This minty superstar gel is great for cold, fever, flu, jet lag, motion sickness among other things related to caring for your little ones or yourself when times are rough! No wonder it is their best seller, it is really effective. Bella has cough few days ago but after several rubbing on her throat and back, its now gone. Plus of course she is breastfed so I am sure she has the anti-bodies to defend against foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses and toxins.

Another innovative product from these yummy mummies is Jar of Hope.

Made out of blue chamomile essential oil, this gel is great for mommy and daddy burnouts, stress, insomnia, fussy babies, insect bites, motion sickness, inflammation, (relieves puffy eyes from sleepless nights) rashes, cuts and wounds. Also helpful with teething!
*Note that Blue chamomile is the most healing of all chamomiles due to its azulene content. It is truly a lifesaver gel to help ease life's little boo-boos for the whole family.

I also got their DIVINE INTERVENTION Room & Linen Spray which can be used as a hand sanitizer, room freshener, linen spray, yoga mat spray or a mild cologne. New formula of lavender and peppermint pure essential oils to pick you up when you need it.

This is really a good use especially for working mom like me.

And last but definitely not the least is their Roach Wars. I only bought the 50 grams in small ziploc bag since bottles are not intended for shipping.

It's a super secret home made concoction to finally rid of your cockroach problems. Made from all-natural ingredients this surefire total roach warfare powder is a MUST for every household!
The yummy mummies have no mercy against these pests because we know our babies crawl on the floors and we'd hate to see them have creepy crawler friends
Oh, they're chemical and deet free which makes you less guilty of killing them buggers ;)
How to use: Scoop a small amount and place on cardboard on corners or roach infested areas. Be surprised to see dead roaches the very next day! It works like magic!

With additional Php 50.00 for shipping, I got all my products in no time! - Some photos and information was taken from Indigo baby.


---| Rachel |--- said...

this is the first time i came across roach wars... thanks for sharing. i'll order soonest

A-Life said...

I wasn't able to make a follow-up update on it, sis. But I don't think I can recommend the roach wars. Hindi siya effective sa house namin eh, actually nilanggam lang siya. I can only vouch for the Jar of Hope and Love. Very effective talaga siya for Bella.