Saturday, August 8, 2009

Persia Grill

What a hectic schedule. I don't even have time to breathe. Every morning from Monday to Friday, I wake up at 5:30 A.M. Get ready for office, have a long walk / run, walk /run in Guadalupe, Take overpass, ride an ordinary bus going to Bicutan(airconditioned buses are limited and gosh! it will take you like forever to get you to destination). From Bicutan, take overpass again which is by the way twice the length of Guadalupe overpass. Take jeep going to Tanyag (If I'm lucky, the jeep will wait to have it full and I am there sweating and waiting and running late!). Take tricycle going to my office were what I do is update the pendings, call this, call that. Do this, do that, backtracked the backlogs. Go from one place to the other because I dont have my computer yet and many others. Uppps...pump it up...pump it up till my hands are hurting from pumping every 3-4 hours religiously. The clock is nearing 5:30 but unfortunately, no one wants to go yet, everybody stays as if there is no tomorrow. Going home time is 6:30 - 7:00. I had to rush because baby bella is running out of express milk.

Take a tricycle to get out from the area. Then ride a jeep going to Bicutan. Bus until Magallanes, then take MRT. Walk from mall to the jeepney terminal.

Home at last. Time for bella to feed...but I have to take a shower first (yes, pasma to the end power!) before getting any nearer my baby. Then right after our bonding moment, I eat dinner, wash bottles and pump parts. Sleep between 10 - 11 PM then wake up again at 12:30 for another feeding session on the breast and pump on the other one. Then, same routine around 3:30 AM. Grab few hours of sleep again then when the clock strikes 5:30...start all over again. This goes on everyday.

I don't know which is becoming the hassle, working? pumping? Or it is just the way it is.

Anyway, thank God there is Saturday! And when it's week end, I make sure i give time for a little treat just to keep me sane. This time I indulge myself in Persian Grill.

The first time I went here I was kindda hesitant since I saw foods wih curry! I've been in the middle east for quite a while and the last thing I wanted to eat is something with curry. But since Pia is the adventurer when it comes to food, I let myself be pushed.

And now I am back ordering the same menu.

Chelo Kebab (Php 199.00)

with a tall glass of refreshing strawberry shake.
This shake cost Php 60.00, isn't cheap? I love the taste of it, just the right amount of sugar and strawberry.

Let me tell you more about the main course. I am not a fan of spicy foods but since this menu come with chili and another condiments, you are in control of the taste.

Another trick is the grilled tomatoes plus another dip of eggplant and mayo.

And you know why it is even more intriguing?

They serve it hiding in the rice.

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