Saturday, August 22, 2009

Relaksasi Day

Maybe I just can’t get enough of it. Before I started working again, I decided to relax myself to be ready for the real thing. I’ve been absent in the working environment since March and that would be like 5 months already. I needed to be ready for a new job, a new work, new environment and new people. And also this backache is really hurting me.
Same routine happened during my relaksasi day. I was asked at the reception what complimentary tea I wanted, and this time I picked the cold drink. I was shown to my room to prepare for my 15 minute sauna. The place was so relaxing, with the soft music on.

When I was done heating myself up, I was led back to my room. I was actually surprised because the last time my friend and I had shared the room for a massage, we had to go out since the bathroom was outside, but I discover that it is even nicer to have a room of your own because it already has an attached bath.

Also, I love their shower, this is what I wanted to have once we already acquire a place of our own.

And this time, I had a swedish massage. I like this even more than the “hilot” massage and it is even cheaper (P550.00). The masseuse just had the right touch for my liking. Not a hard one but definitely the right pressure. She even shared some few tips on how to massage my little bella. After that, she gave me hot towels and helped me remove some oil residue. Great service. For that, I gave her tip. Then my drink came. It was refreshing indeed but I had to say I love the hot tea even more.

There you go, another relaksasi day. I feel like drowsing off already.

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