Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ME-Time first

It was nice to have some ME-time once in a while. Taking time for yourself avoids burn out for moms like me. It isn't always easy to stay away from, but self-care is never a selfish act. Its just a time to relax, refresh, rejuvenate and helps regain control of our lives.

Sharing the necessity of a "day-off" with someone makes it even more enjoyable. My "girl" friend and your truly grab a bit of ME-time just this afternoon to catch up on each other's events.

 We decided to dine on a early dinner at Chicken located at Greenbelt 1, This is my first time to try this restaurant. As I have mentioned on my previous blog, I'm on the safe side when it comes to food and I always make sure that the dish that I'll try are the usual ones, just so to be sure that I will get my money's worth and avoid wallowing if I won't be able to enjoy the menu that I ordered.

Good thing, the place was not so bad. But nothing special.

I ordered their Jerk Chicken (Php 159.00). This was their famous grilled boneless chicken with java rice. The platter also have thin slices of carrot and cucumber on top to make it look sumptuous but I'm afraid, it didn't served its purpose to me. The dish have 3 condiments, consists of vinegar, hot sauce, red bean respectively. I have to say, vinegar and red bean was just right for the dish. I am not a fan of spicy foods so I didn't like the hot sauce that much, the banana was a nice touch. The overall taste was so-so. Just the usual chicken food.

The restaurant also tried a homey ambiance but failed on this concept.

They have other menu to offer, most of it were pasta, salad and some combination of dishes.

My friend ordered a pasta dish that I wasn't able to taste so I can't tell you much about it. I also wasn't impressed with how they take care of their place.

I still enjoyed the food nevertheless but definitely not a place to come back to.

After that early lunch, our catching up time will not be complete without coffee! coffee! At a nearby Starbucks, we ordered the usual. 1 Java Chip with coffee jelly for Pia (Php 175.00) and 1 mocha frapp decaf with coffee jelly (Php155.00) for yours truly and then some french apple tart (Php 70.00) for her and cake oreo cheese cake (Php110.00) for me.

For the record, there are already 2 starbucks branches that we reminded ourselves not to go to, this one and the one located at Serendra. We both didn't like how they prepared the coffee, no shredded ice? We know how we want our coffee to be done and they definitely weren't able to achieve our liking.

The rain started to pour hard already, so we decided to call it a day.

I've been trying to find wooden toys for Bella but found expensive ones. I do not want to invest yet on expensive toys and wait for her to grow up a little more and let her choose the ones she'll enjoy and like. But on my way home, I was lucky enough to find some education wooden toys on sale.

Hope my Bella will like this shape sorters that I bought for only Php 100.00 (original price is Php 150.00)

and wooden domino for Php 70.00 (original price is Php 250.00) which I intend to keep for a while.

Me-time is fun time. Indulge.

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