Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gymboree class

During my recent post, I mentioned that my Bella will be attending L4 class of play and learn at Gymboree located at the Lower Ground Level, Greenbelt 5. We arrived 30 minutes earlier that we used to look and buy socks for myself. My bad! I didn't realized I needed those to accompany bella inside the play area. After, roaming the mall, we still couldn't find a nearby store selling cheap socks so we went back at Gymboree and glad to know they sell it for Php 40.00.

Anyway, while still waiting for our turn. I check the areas at gymboree and saw their cute kid size washroom.

Their resting place

and their nice waiting area with colorful colors everywhere pleasing to the eyes. An invitation for kids.

The play area was also a big place for the kids to enjoy all the facilities.

When the trial class begins, Bella was very eager to come inside the play area. It was a first for her. They were 8 kids in the class, most of which were of the same age as Bella's. I wasn't aware if there is a lesson plan but most of the kids know what to do already when they were given a task. At first, Bella was attentive and follow the instruction as well.

However, with all the toys available, she was distracted and keep on playing instead of participating. While most of the kids were following the instruction given by the teacher, she run around and not minding what the other kids were doing. It was frustrating really.

The one- hour activities were simple to do. Like singing, pushing the log, popping the bubbles, swaying on the big ball, roll the small ball and climbing the stairs. However, Bella was more interested playing by herself. I tried to make her participate but to no avail. Nevertheless, I know she enjoyed it so much. I am now deciding should I push through enrolling her, maybe she'll be more cooperative on the following days to come.


ivymarasigan said...

Just like my Gabbie on her trial class at Kindermusik. She kept jumping and dancing the entire class I was really tired following her around and stopping her because the other kids were just sitting and listening. It was also her first time so its understandable. That's why Im enrolling her in a Gymboree class in Eastwood so she can get used to participating in group activities.

A-Life said...

Same here. I was tired after the 1 hour class. Nevertheless, I will still be enrolling her and hopefully Bella will learn to participate in the class. :)