Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Different Airlines

One of my biggest passion and yet frustration is travelling. It was just so sad that the first time I ever ride an airplane was when I reached the age of 25, Dubai bound.

Yours truly was able to experience different airline flights a few times after that from Philippines to Dubai and back and one of my main concern in riding a plane is food. Yes, it is. I forgot how bad the seats where. The movies I have watched, or how old the facilities are. As long as there is good food. I'll forgive them.

Cathay Pacific. My first airplane ride courtesy of this airline. I remembered how naive I was back then as I didn't know how to use the headset for the TV monitor,  but of course, I didn't let anybody notice how ignorant I was. I just figured it out for myself. I tried their wash room several times and enjoyed using the courtesy items. However, I wasn't able to enjoy my ride since I was alone and busy thinking how my life would be in a foriegn country.

So the next flight back for a vacation, I was already with my Far-ouT! Yours truly was able to enjoy the ride back home and notice how their service goes. It was not so bad but I was not satisfied either, their facilities were old. Seats were not well-maintained. The movies to watch were limited. Some of their facilities were not working but I'd still choose to be on this aircraft for good food. Probably the most delicious choices of food that I ever tasted in an airplane. Others may not agree with me though.

Stopover: Hongkong. Airport was huge.  We waited for a few hours for a connecting flight to Manila.

Flight back: It was so inconvenient. We were delayed in our flight and was trying to book for the earliest schedule. The customer service were not helpful and gave us after  week schedule. We had to return for work already so we decided to cancel our flight with them and tried with other airlines.

Emirates Airlines. They have the earliest available flight that can accommodate us. The attendant was friendly and helpful. Even if it cost us a lot, we had no choice so we decided to go for it. It was also the most convenient travel since they have direct flight from Manila to Dubai. After the hassle that we've been through in NAIA. All we need is straight flight back.

I've heard a lot of good feedback with this airlines. Aside from the direct flight that I mentioned, they also have newer aircraft. I was just surprised that I didn't enjoy their food that much and the seats have limited space but the rest of the facilities were working just fine. There were also wide varieties of activities from the monitor to choose from. Due to mental exhaustion, I wasn't able to take a few shots of the airline. This is also the airplane I used when it was time for me to go home to gave birth. I still didn't enjoy the food and wished they would improve on it.

Singapore Airlines. This is my favorite of them all! The service was great. Seats have bigger space. Facilities were clean and working good too. Movies were updated and facilities were cleaned and well-maintained. The food was good, nothing to rave about though. Liquors are allowed in moderation, I love their Singaporean sling, good thing I was still drinking back then.

Stopover: Singapore. I so love their airport! Clean, beautiful and most of all, they have free internet service.

Far-ouT and yours truly decided to go on our honeymoon in Singapore. So we have arrange our flight back from Dubai-Singapore-Manila, and stayed a couple of days in Singapore prior to our return to Dubai. Since I have been reminiscing and back tracking, I'll probably write something about our trip too in a few days.

It is sad that Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) really needs a major! major! renovation. I hope they would improve everything about it. Our government focuses on tourism but they forgot to do something about the area where we welcome our visitors.
I have not tried any local airlines as yet. Hopefully, we'll be able to do that by next year. I'll also be doing something about our bucket list, as we have discussed few already. Yehey, I'm excited!

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