Saturday, September 11, 2010

Green Maple Salad at Pancake

Yours truly just came from a rowing training again. Our team captain already applied the program for the upcoming race and I must admit, I'm not quite satisfied with my performance.  I was exhausted after each set and was not happy with my strokes. I hope to improve prior to the upcoming 3rd leg regatta with more trainings in the coming days.

Dragon boat rowing is not an expensive sport per se. With Php 15 for members and Php 20 pesos for non-members on every training day is a bargain. Aside from the actual boat training, you will be able to have stretching before and after the exercise.

"Stretching after exercise can help to relax and balance tension on muscles that have just been exercised. Traditionally this was done after a cool-down period. Or, you may wish to do the stretching as its own activity separate from your cardio or strength exercise workouts."

So do not take for granted warm up exercise as it has a lot of benefits.

The team also offer free swimming lessons for those who wish to be trained for this. Actually, they recommend this as safety precautions for untoward incident during boat training. Dragon boat training is not a dangerous water sport but there is no harm in being more careful.

Besides, "swimming is considered to be a healthy and relaxing activity. It tones the body and provides an excellent cardiovascular workout as well. Moreover, it also strengthens your heart muscles and improves the delivery of oxygen to the different parts of the body."

Experts and trainers opine that this sport can be of extremely great help to your health and if included in the daily regimen, it is bound to yield marvelous results. (Read more)

For those who wish to join them for a round of runnings, you are also free to join.

Prior to that, my friend and yours truly came up with an idea to meet as well around the area as she wish to get back in shape again. She was not allowed to do rigorous exercise so we planned to have a slow pace running. While waiting for me, she saw a group of aerobics enthusiasts and she tried and liked it. She invited me to join but yours truly was not gifted with grace so I just let her do her stuff while I freshen up to remove the water and salt residue of Manila Bay.

We were I was starving already so we decided to have breakfast. Since she was on healthy living, we dine at Pancake house for some salad for her and my favorite Filipino breakfast, Beef Tapa with extra rice plus a cup of brewed coffee. There was nothing more to say with it as it is the usual deli of the restaurant.

She ordered Green Maple Salad (Php 180.00) served enticingly to the eyes

The plate consist of lettuce, mango, papaya, cherry tomatoes, grapes and chicken with Mango vinaigrette dressing. Yours truly was able to have a taste and i liked the fruit and veggie combination. She ordered Chocolate milk shake for her drink.

We decided to meet again anytime soon for another round of activites.

Just one fine day for today.

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