Thursday, September 9, 2010

100 Special Gifts to be given away

Do you believe that Filipino moms should know about giving their babies the gift of faster growth through better sleep? If you do, then you are a Bedtime Believer!

Bedtime Believers continue to grow in number every day, and so are our fellow online moms. They are also hungry and in need for more information about their babies.

Johnson’s Baby Bedtime would like to ask for your help as we continue to find the best way to share to moms the science of sleep.

It’s very easy.

All you have to do is click on the Johnson image badge on top of my website. Once clicked, you (the reader) will be taken to an online survey. This is a simple survey that will help us get to know our online moms better.

The first 100 moms to complete the survey will be sure to get special tokens especially made for their babies! (A note though: All those who answer the survey can only answer once. Even if they answer multiple times, it will still count as one entry.)

Let us all continue to be inspired to help share to moms the good news about baby sleep! Participate and share in this cause of giving good sleep to more babies every day!


The Nuffnang Team and the Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Family


---| Rachel |--- said...

done w/ the survey! =) ang haba! haha

A-Life said...

Actually, yun din ang reklamo ko. Kakatamad nga eh. Muntik na akong sumuko. Hahaha!

*mae* said...

Just finished answering the survey. Oo nga super haba. Haha! Thanks for blogging about it.

A-Life said...

Thanks, Mae. correct. Hahaha!