Monday, September 13, 2010

SSS Digitized ID

Yours truly spent almost the whole day to be able to do the errands in SSS. Social Security System has the most unsystematized system in all Government Agencies that I have dealt with in the past up until now, at least for the branches that I have ever encountered. Every time I ask an SSS employee of the same question, I get different and incomplete answers! They do not have the same information which is so confusing and time consuming.

Last August 20, 2010. Yours truly went to SSS Makati Branch to amend my member's data (E-4). First, I will be changing my Civil Status from single to married. Then I would be declaring my husband and my daughter as dependent.

They do not have any posters for details. No guidelines to assists their members. Second, the information from the form were incomplete, it never said that they would need to see the original. I know I made a mistake for not bringing the original copy of my birth certificate, my daughter's birth certificate and our marriage certificate for verification purposes. But my goodness! If I had known from the moment I came inside their office, that they would require it, I wouldn't spend an hour on queue. Who would have thought of falsifying my documents to amend my own data? Changing my maiden name to married and adding new dependents on my behalf? I would have understand if I would be getting a loan or something but this?! Anyway, I spent less than a minute in front of the person's desk, as he refused to entertain me anymore for lack of my requirements without even waiting if I have questions.

I went back at home to get all my original documents. I brought everything as I have learned my lessons already. Good thing I went early in the morning so I still have time to go NSO to get my Bella's Birth Certificate in Security Paper (SECPA), NSO is such a breeze. I spent less than 30 minutes to finish what I needed and was scheduled to return the following day to collect my NSO copy, since SSS Diliman branch was just across, I might as well make the most out of my time and drop by for some other information.

No quideline as well on where to go, but at least there were counter 1, 2, 3 for the forms that you would need and available persons to ask on your queries.

I fall in line on counter 3 to get a form for the application of new digitized ID since I lost my previous one. I was given the form; however, I couldn't apply for it yet since I need to amend my information for the change of status, so they would be able to use my amended data. On another note, I inquire about my contributions as well. I informed the lady that I was only paid until May 2010 since I was no longer working for the month of June and I wanted to pay it as voluntary. She said that I can no longer pay that month since it was already overdue. I will only be allowed to make payment for the month of July, August, September. So what will happened with that month, if in case I would be applying for maternity benefits? Kelan po manganganak (When are you due to give birth)? Hindi, tinatanong ko lang kung sakali (No, I was just asking if incase.) Hindi na po kasama yon (It will no longer be included). Paano yon (how come its like that)? Answer: Shrug of the shoulder.

Follow-up question, what if I am an Overseas Filipino Worker. Kung OFW po, pede niyo bayaran yung buong taon sa isang bayaran (If you are an OFW, you will be allowed to pay the whole year in full). I thought this would be the best solution since I would be an OFW any time soon, anyway

On counter 2, I fall in line to inquire on my contributions. The person was kind enough to give me a form for Contributions Payment Return (RS-5) and schedule of SS and EC contributions. I asked again the same questions from Counter 3. I get the same response for the missed payment on the month of June. However, here is the confusing part. What if I am an OFW? Kahit na OFW, ganun pa din yung babayaran niyo (Even if you are an OFW, you would still be paying the quarterly payment) What? I was told from counter 3 that I can pay for the full year as long as I am an OFW. Ay, hindi. (No, it's not like that).

When will I get the correct information from these people? Anyway, I still had time to go to Makati branch again to update my information. I arrived at 4:30 PM, I almost did not make it since the guard on duty told me that they do not accept visitors anymore because of the long queue. I just beg him to let me in and finally, I was able to finish the amending of my data. They told me to apply the digitized ID after 2 to 3 weeks from the date of my E-4 application.

I went to NSO again last Thursday get another SECPA copy of our marriage contract. I was schedule to get the said NSO copy today, September 13, 2010. I also went to SSS Diliman branch counter 3 again to inquire if I can already apply for new digitized ID. I showed my E-4 just to be sure that I am on the right track. I do not wish to wait yet again for nothing. She said yes. Finally. I was number 915. While waiting for my turn, I drop by again at NSO to get my mom another copy of their marriage contract. Surprised that I would get it on the same day.

Anyway, I waited until my turn to provide all the requirements for my ID application. When it was already my turn to be serviced, the lady informed me that my information was not yet updated. Goodness! Here we go again! I was told that I have to wait for a least a month to apply for the ID since the data was not yet encoded in the system. Nonetheless, I can already pay the replacement fee of Php 150.00 and get Affidavit re: Loss of SS ID.

Even though I was not able to get the ID, at least I have accomplished the other requirements for the ID application. I paid first the replacement fee from SS Main (just beside the Diliman Branch), went to Quezon City Hall to get a Cedula (Php 65.00 - but somehow cost me Php 70.00) then went back to the Main Branch to get the Affidavit of Loss.

What an exhausting day in dealing with SSS people. I wish they would improve on their system and disseminate correct information to their members. Even their online system was confusing. To be able to get your summary of contributions, they would require your employer's SSS number. What if you do not know your previous employer's data? Would you still contact them for it? What about the voluntary and self-employed members? I hope they would do something about these problems and make a system that would be easier for their members. It would not hurt either if they can also improve about some of their employees' attitude as most of them are not so helpful at all.

Due to exhaustion, I was able to eat a full meal again (as usual).

From the above photos, there is rice and chicken with brownies.  Oh, I love KFCs California Maki Twister. You should try it.

Nevertheless, my day was productive as I have tried accomplish as much as possible in one day to save me time and money.

Should you wish to know about the requirements to apply for your digitized ID, please leave me a message and I would gladly give you the list so you may have it ready prior to going to your branch to save you from the hassle.

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