Sunday, March 27, 2011

Breakfast at IKEA

Once upon a rare morning, Far-ouT and yours truly went to have breakfast at IKEA...Ok, let me do it the normal way. When you go inside IKEA, you’d really wish to have a place of your own. They’ve got everything you would ever need. I mean, literally, everything. From plates, spoon, fork, knives, beds, etc. You name it, they have it. Its like, you can picture how you want all your rooms inside your house to look like. Aside from all of those, one of the best things that this store has to offer are foods for minimal amount. What I also love about them is, their drinks are unlimited. Coffee for me. 3 years back, I wish to have breakfast here, but we were commuting that time so traveling would not be an easy task at all. But far-out made that happened today.

Breakfast at IKEA! I was surprised when we went inside because there were so many people having theirs as well.

There were many foods to choose from.

But my all time favorite is there unlimited coffee

Far-ouT and yours truly both have the IKEA breakfast, that includes, a partition of eggs, 2 sausages, beans and hash brown.

All for only Dhs 4. How that for a breakfast? Unlimited coffee and bread are sold separately.

I enjoyed the breakfast so much that I had 3 cups of coffee that morning. Yum! Yum!

Eat and be merry!

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