Sunday, March 13, 2011

Craving for Filipino Foods

Anywhere you go and wherever you are, you will always crave Filipino dishes.  These is one of the day that I feel like eating those delicious home cooked meal. So Far-ouT and I decided to dine out. Lucky us, Dubai, has a lot Filipino restaurants to choose from, so you will really never feel deprive from our home grown dishes. Unlike my brother and his family who lives in UK. My sister-in-law who requested for Tuyo that she miss so much, by brother who wants cigarettes because it is too much expensive and my niece have not eaten Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs for years because it is not available in London. But its not even allowed in their airport so it would be difficult to get her that when we come for a visit.

But of course in order for you to taste the foods that you miss from our country, you also have to pay the price, BIG time that is! Ranging from Dhs 50 to a whooping Dhs 100++. That is almost fine dining in the Philippines. Anyway, once in a while will not hurt that much especially when you taste how delicious it is...Feels like home to me.

My favorite TAPSILOG (Tapa, Sinangag, Itlog). Its a combination of beef, rice and egg. Yum! Yum!

Oh, this is an all-time favorite amongst Filipino, Bulalo. Hot and delicious

Just to add more to meal is Rellenong bangus. I miss my mame who makes this menu an uber delicious meal.

All was ordered from Bujourno. All filipino servers. Its just around the corner here in Karama. But recently they closed to move to another location. We tried to find their new area but failed. I was starving already so Far-ouT and yours truly went to Binalot. I don't know if they are affiliated with Binalot in the Philippines, which I doubt since there are actually several copycats here. Jollibee, I never really tried eating from it because, everything was not like our Jollibee in our country. Red Ribbon, not even close to the cakes from the real Red Ribbon and they are close already, by the way. Ratsky? I'm sure you heard about the story of this place from Randy Santiago himself. And many others. Its just a bad marketing strategy to imitate the names of such businesses but who am I to judge.

Just sit back. Relax. Enjoy your meal.

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Rogelio Manansala said...

All these look sinfully delicious, especially the tapsilog! I remember we sent a group of kids to the UK for a performance years ago. They were just there for a few days but already they were craving for their pancit canton and whatnots! I'm sure there'd be more Pinoy shops in the future - let's just pray they'd be selling within the Pinoy's means!

Roly Manansala