Thursday, March 24, 2011

Steak House at Royal Ascott Hotel

I admit I am neglecting my blog again. Quite frustrated about it actually. I wanted to update it on a daily basis but work and other stuff prevents me from doing so. Besides, I've been thinking a lot of changing the whole format lately.  All I blog is about food and dining out. I didn't like it that much. I wanted something different, something more exciting but all I can think of are latest restaurant that we went to. So that's basically it. Nothing more, nothing less. That means, my life is a bore. Sadness struck like lightning. I don't want to entertain what I am feeling right now but deep inside, I feel empty sometimes. Like, I have nothing but routine. I've been trying to find out, what is missing but nothing is coming up. Maybe its just hormones? Like every time of the time I have this mood swings?

But before anything else, I need to finish my latest foodie trip. Far-ouT and yours truly went to Wellington Steak House located inside Royal Ascott Hotel. Its a fine dining, mind you. Haha! Just kidding. Please note though that even if you say a place is a fine dining experience it doesn't necessary mean that you'll enjoy every minute of it. The hotel has a nice interior, very elegant

The restaurant was just one from the many others inside. First of, when you enter the restaurant, there is only one server in the area. No one to greet you, nobody to assist you on your tables. That is how a fine dining should be right? Or am I wrong? Anyway, secondly, the place was dark. Maybe it serves the purpose of a relaxing atmosphere, a place where you can unwind and have some quiet moments with yourself. 

Then finally, another server came to assist. We were serve our complimentary bread which I was very disappointed with. The bread was cold and definitely not freshly baked. Unlike what we had from Tribe and Outback. So first impression lasts for me. I was now expecting the worse. 

After that not-so-enjoyable starter, we were already serve with our chosen drinks. Red Wine (Dhs 35/glass)

This red wine is called Concha y Toro "Casillero del Diablo," Merlot Chile. From Concha y Toro comes this succulen Merlot. Dark and deep purple with subtle aromas of chocolate, dark plums, berries, and spices with a touch of vanilla and smoke, medium-bodied, with lovely tannins, and a long pretty finish.

As I previously mentioned, alcoholic beverages are not allowed in Dubai unless you have a license, but the good thing is, you may drink and get drunk is a hotel or restaurant who are licensed to serve them. Never forget to bring with you your receipts though as this already serve as your license just for the particular. Cool right?

Anyway, for our entree,  Far-ouT ordered beef carpaccio, roquette and roasted parmesan (Dhs 30).

Generally these are thinly sliced or pounded thin of beef served as an appetizer. This may be the least on my list of foods that I'll never ever try again. For me its was bland and rubbery.

Lucky was I this time when it was time for me to order and chose Mushroom Cappucino (Dhs 25).

The soup was superb! Really finished everything. But the bread again, almost ruined it. I have no idea why their breads were not of good quality. But anyway, I enjoyed the appetizer so far, that I stick my tongue on the plate (just kidding)

The empty plate, oh yeah of course I finished even the bread.

For our main course...drum rolling...rack of lamb ( Dhs 90) for Far-ouT and 10oz fillet mignon (Dhs 90) for yours truly

Far-ouT order was so-so, nothing to rave about. We liked our beef medium rare

No steak has yet to replace the one I had in tribe. It was still the best. Nevertheless, this is not that bad as well.

In addition to our main course, Far-ouT also ordered their mash potato which was actually delicious

The last and definitely the least. Our dessert

Classic Creme Brulee (Dhs 20). We waited for it for quite sometime just to be disappointed in the end. It was plain suger and flour. We didn't even finish half of it. Hope the servers will feel that we did not enjoyed it and that they should improve on it.

The laughters was the best part of the celebration all because my Far-ouT's birthday! Yey! Wish you all the best. I love you! A toast to more happiness and love. Another year to look forward to


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