Thursday, March 3, 2011

China Garden Restaurant

I know this may sound weird but honestly, this is the first time I had tried eating lobster for the simple reason that it is expensive. But Far-ouT was very generous and treated me for another gastronomic binge.

This is lobster manchurian (Dhs 72). Extravagantly yummy especially with this condiments.

I would have liked a lobster with the shell still on it as I want to experience opening it myself. Nevertheless, I won't forget the experience. Hahaha!

The rice made it an even more enjoyable meal

Their special fried rice (Dhs 28).

China Garden restaurant is responsible for the yummy meal. It is just across our flat, its not an ideal location but well, it doesn't matter anymore as long as I enjoyed the meal.

Sadly, I didn't like the area. Dark and lonely?

How was your lobster experience?

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