Friday, March 18, 2011

Japengo Cafe at Mirdiff City Centre

Wow! I really don't know how to start my blog. I kept backspacing. Anyway, I will just start off with my latest gastronimc binge yet again.

This is Japengo Cafe, mostly Japanese cuisine. I was intrigue on what foods they were offering but never really had a chance to try them until recently.

I love their table setting with the colorful table napkins, its pleasing to the eyes

I also like this wallpaper,

Moving on, Far-ouT, Broder, a friend from rowing and yours truly had a wonderful time sharing each other's foods, just to try all their dishes.

For starters, we have ordered Fatoush Salad.

Its a combination of Cucumber, local lettuces, red raddish, flat, parsley, mint, sumac and fried bread with lemon dressing. Its more of sweet and sour combination but the sour taste is too strong for my taste.

This is the best California maki I've ever taste! Yeah, as if I eat it a lot. Seriously, I never really like Japanese dishes, I don't like raw food like Japanese cuisine offers. I am just too scared on the effect on it in my stomach. But their maki is the best so far for me. Crab stick, avocado, apple, cucumber, and flying fish roe (Dhs 44), Yay! that's like almost Php 500!

Unfortunately, I was not the one who ordered it, but I get to taste two and am now craving for more. My order was their Grilled Lamb Chops, served with grilled vegetables, baby potato, and mint gravy.

Sad that I was not happy about it. It wasn't tender at all. I didn't enjoy it much and having just this without rice is nightmare. I am gonna starve in no time, good thing Far-ouT ordered just the perfect dish for it.

Japengo special fried rice. (Dhs 46)

Its a combination of chicken, seafood and vegetables, mixed with garlic, dark soy sauce, and sesame oil.

Our friend ordered, Grilled fresh tuna steak, served with grilled vegetables, baby potato, and tomato salsa which I like at first, but it becaming hard to chew and the Tuna is just bland.

Another one of my disappointments is my drink. Lemon and Mint. It sour!!! I swear. I put a lot of sugar on it and the sourness is still there and its even Dhs 24! Almost Php 250! Not worth it!

I like the look of this, watermelon, I have not tasted though, because it not mine.

Far-ouT only ordered water, his all time favorite drink.

Just a remembrance of our get together, had some photos taken

By the way, this is located in City Center, Mirdiff. I like it better than the one in Deira. Lesser people and bigger stores. I like their H&M here as they have a huge area for accessories

And they have a play area for the kids and kids alike.

There's wall climbing

Bowling area

Candy bars

Look closer, I Fly!

and many more

We'll sure to take Bella in Mirdiff City Center.

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