Sunday, March 6, 2011

Danial Twins Tower

One of Far-ouT colleagues invited us for a dinner for the christening of his niece. I was actually hesitant to go, because, I'm a shy person. Haha! Sometimes, I let Far-ouT enjoy his friends without me unless he really insist on bringing me along with him. Now this is one of it.

The location was one of the restaurant inside the Al Mazaya Centre just along SZR.  I have no idea why they call id Danial Twins Tower, it is an Iranian Restaurant. I am not too excited to try their foods though. I find it exotic, but I have nothing against Iranian cuisine I just didn't like it much. Why do I have this feeling that I am being defensive? 

Anyway, they have this area for different events and the best of it all is the buffet set-up which is best for events but when I saw their buffet table, they didn't have many choices to offer and off thing too is that their ice cream has an extra charge of Dhs 5 for 3 scoops of different flavors. I didn't even try to check the rest of the desserts .

Anyway, there were 2 kinds of soups. Far-out chose this yellow thingy while I had the one below it

I tasted both of them and instantly disliked it.

Below are the choices that they offered

As I have mentioned earlier, there's not much of a choice.  They have this rice as well.

see the long the grains were and how dry it is? Maybe this is really their way of cooking rice or maybe these kind of rice are really dry.

I took a little bit of everything just to have an idea on how it taste.

It was not that bad, some were so-so, some were not.

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