Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wedding Vows

I became a blogger just recently, July 2010 to be exact. However, I have been writing my pieces for quite sometime now on different blog sites, multiply being my favorite. I decided to compile everything in one go. What I did was copy paste and click post options to change the date. So if you were wondering how I came up with a lot of blogs already with a short period of time, I hope that answer your curiosity and  I don't think its cheating. I am not defensive about it, I just want to explain myself. Hahaha!

Enough of that already. My Far-ouT and yours truly were just chatting while I was making this blog and an idea just came to mind. I asked him, and the conversation went like this:

lhenglang: tatay
lhenglang: gawa tayo ng bucket list
Far_out: paano yun?
lhenglang: hindi mo ba napanood yun?
Far_out: nope
lhenglang: ano ka ba
lhenglang: maganda yun
lhenglang: panoorin mo
lhenglang: 2 silang matanda
Far_out: i check ko kung me kopya ako
Far_out: lam ko yun
lhenglang: na malapit ng mamatay
lhenglang: yung isa mayaman
lhenglang: yung isa genius
Far_out: pero di ko pa napanood?
lhenglang: tapos bago sila mamatay gumawa sila ng bucket list
lhenglang: teka lang
lhenglang: yun yung mga activities nila bago sila mamatay
lhenglang: getting a tattoo
lhenglang: mag sky diving
Far_out: ah ok
Far_out: so papa tattoo tayo?
lhenglang: visit greece
Far_out: me indoor sky diving dito
lhenglang: drive a sports car
lhenglang: climb a mountain
lhenglang: syiempre sarili nating bucket list noh
Far_out: ok
lhenglang: bakit mo naman sila gagahayin
lhenglang: like
lhenglang: buy house and lot
lhenglang: buy car
lhenglang: travel to one country once a year
lhenglang: climb a mountain
Far_out: ok
lhenglang: etc
lhenglang: sige na
Far_out: anong sige na?
lhenglang: gawa tayo
Far_out: pagdating mo dito saka tayo gagawa ng list natin
lhenglang: pagisipan mo kung ano yung gusto mong gawin sa buhay mo
lhenglang: tas icompile natin
Far_out: okies
lhenglang: ok

That's my Far-ouT, always ready to entertain my ideas, even if its silly sometimes. He really makes me feel loved.  There's this one instance when I cooked ginisang ampalaya for dinner. I tried to perfect my dish but failed sometimes. To remove the bitterness of the bitter gourd, I usually soak the veggies in salty water, then rinse with cold one. However, I forgot to wash it and directly sauted it with the rest of the ingredients, including all the salt on it! When I was done, that's the time that I realized my boo boo. It was so salty! Even I couldn't eat it. I just ordered food from a nearby restaurant and told Far-ouT all about it. But being my loving Far-ouT that he is, he saved the food that I cooked for his lunch the following day and finish it all up. There were a number of times that he ate my failed cooked dish as if it was the most delicious food on earth. Sweetness...

Another one was during our wedding preps, I really didn't expect him to be a hands-on groom, but he surprised me when he was being supportive every step of the way. Giving in to all my heart's content even with the budget being blown out of proportion. And you know what, he even prepared his wedding vow earlier than I did. He had a copy to read during the church ceremony but lose it somehow, but it didn't matter because he knew it by heart.

He says…

"You have made my life more colorful, you have made me so happy and more fulfilled as a person. Thank you for welcoming me into your heart, for accepting me as I am, for loving me for what I am not.

I promise to always love you, respect you and to be faithful to you forever.

Today I choose you to be my wife and commit myself to you for the rest of my life."

There were a lot of other things that Far-ouT made me feel special. When I got the chance to really tell him all about it, I vowed it to him

She says…

"Yes, I do take you Ian, as my husband. Sometimes I stare at you thinking how lucky I am to find you. You’re every man I picture myself to be with. Despite all the trials that God gave me, if I had known that you will be His reward for a job well done, at the end of life’s journey, I’ll go through it all again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. When I am at my worst, you stood by me, never giving up. And now, as we face a new chapter of our lives, I will not promise you anything, instead from this day on, I will try to be the best person that I can be…as your wife…your friend…and the same person you fell in love with 5 years ago.

Let’s grow old together, Far. Always remembering this day."

I was thinking of something else to write about when I started typing. It wasn't our anniversary, not even monthsary, it was just a time to say thank you, to someone who genuinely finds joy in the happiness of others. Someone who is soft at the edges and strong at the center.

-From someone who appreciate all that you are. All that you do.

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