Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Travel Clearance for Minors

After several days of no internet due to the breakdown of my black box (I don't know what it's called) finally made another post. Its been four days and I actually was busy running last minute errands.

Thursday, September 30. Our passport has been release. I was kindda disappointed on DFAs process of the releasing passports. It was slow and unorganized unlike the experienced we had when we were applying for it. I waited for almost 2 hours and alot of us can only listen for our names to be called. We don't really know what was happening as you will only leave your receipts to the guard on duty. There were even instances that the passport was not done yet and the lady was asked to come back another day because her passport hasn't arrive and it was still for delivery? Oh, gosh! When I heard that story, I prayed that that won't happen to any of our passports. Finally, when all our names were called, I sigh with relief.

For the record, because I was happy, I treated myself for a Decaf Mocha Frapp with Coffee Jelly and a cinnamon roll at a nearby Starbucks. I've been ordering the same old coffee for as long as I can remember and the branch just across DFA has the best Mocha Frapp I ever tasted from Starbucks. I don't know how the Barista did it. But boy! I will definitely come back to this coffee shop.

Friday, October 1. Since I already have an ID with my new surname, I immediately went to SSS for the digitized ID, it was fast this time as they already have a different lane for the application that has been assessed previously. But SSS never fails to disappoint me as they now set schedules for photo capturing and the earliest date was October 17, 2010. I immediately informed the person-in-charge about my travel and as long as I can provide an itinerary for my departure, they would consider.

I wanted to prepare all Bella's requirements before I leave so I immediately took care of her DSWD travel clearance as well, a requirement for all minors to be allowed to travel abroad alone or with a companion. I went to Makati City Hall to apply for it but I was told that DSWD main is the only office issuing the clearance.

Before leaving the area, I requested at the Law Office on the 17th floor a notarized parent consent which was one of the requirements. I was later informed that it doesn't necessarily have to be notarized, even an e-mail is acceptable as long as the signature of both parents are visible.

Anyway, I went straight to DSWD Legarda (located near CEU) to process the said clearance.

Requirements for Travel Clearance

  1. Duly accomplished application form

  2. A photocopy of the birth certificate (NSO) of the minor

  3. A written consent of both parents or solo parent or legal guardian

  4. Latest 2 passport size picture of minor taken within the last 6 months

  5. Passport copy of the travelling companion

  6. Php 300 processing fee per travel clearance. Clearance will be valid for 1 year
Each applicant will be assessed by the DSWD accordingly. They were thorough on approving each application, which was understandable as they were careful on bogus applicants. I suggest to come early though, since each applicant will be interviewed and it will take time for your application to be approved.

I was asked to return on Monday to collect the clearance but I was told to furnish another copy of the father's consent.

When I returned Monday, I still waited for 2 hours for the clearance. Nevertheless, everything is set and Bella can travel anytime, other than us (parents) my mom is the only one she is allowed to travel with. Since Bella can only go with the person I declared as her travelling companion on the clearance approved by DSWD.

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