Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dome Restaurant in Dubai

I was expecting the first sign of winter  to welcome me when I stepped out of the airport. However, I was surprised when the breeze blows hot air on my face when I arrive last Friday. The coming in and out from summer heat and the cold A/C from inside the flat is just making me sick.

With just 2 days' rest, I started working again. It wasn't hard to adjust with the work and environment, as yours truly and former colleagues were reunited again. The only hard part of it all is missing my Baby so much. We are not together at the moment and Lola was the one taking care of her back home. Sad that our best bonding moments were cut short as she is now officially weaned from breastfeeding at 1 year and 4 months old. Last Tuesday, 12th October was the last time I pump and dump. I am not feeling any more pain after, it was a good thing that I gradually weaned her, she got use to it and so is my breast. It was better than my initial plan of stopping "cold turkey" as suggested by mom. I save myself from feeling miserable and guilty for my daughter. My Bella is now into full time fresh UHT milk. My mom noted that she can finished 3 tetra pack of it in a day. We chose of buying the small ones instead of one liter boxes to avoid spoilage.  Far-out and yours truly is now preparing everything for her upon her arrival. It may not be anytime soon but I am just so excited to think that Bella will soon be reunited with her Nanay and Tatay.

After few days, a friend and yours truly updated each other and decided to dine at Dome just walking distance from our office. This was not actually the first dine out that I had since I came back in Dubai. My Far-ouT and I had a nice time munching on pizza, garlic bread, pasta and salad at Pizza Hut last Friday, the 9th October. It was nothing to rave about so I skipped the blog on it and proceed with my next piece.

The cozy restaurant offers different menu to suit your palate especially in a multi-cultural environment like Dubai.  Yours truly was delighted to see how big their servings were, just right to appease my hunger.

Their famous Grilled Garlic Chicken is a famous Dome dish consist of super tender chicken thigh, marinated in soya sauce, garlic and parsley, grilled and served with rice and sauteed vegetables. Damage to my pocket is AED 35.00. I also ordered cold Iced lemon tea for AED13.50. This drink has a delicate flavour that makes a refreshing alternative to regular tea, especially when it comes served in a tall glass with lots of ice cubes and sugar syrup.

Unlike my big servings, my friend skipped rice that evening and only ordered roast beef sandwich. She doesn't have an idea what is their specialty so she asked which one's deli.

This is their Roast beef with Dijon mustard, sun dried tomatoes, roast onions, topped with brie cheese, served on white bread (AED 19.00). I just think the presentation of it was too dull and lifeless (hahaha! sounds like shampoo commercial?)

But her lemon mint drink was saying out loud "drink me!", This has fresh lemon and mint frappe serve with sugar syrup (AED 15.50) as well.

We truly enjoyed the food, most especially the A-talk. I will invite Far-ouT to try this sumptous meal one of this days again.

For the record, after our meal, we decided to have a coffee at Starbucks also just around the block. I tried the strawberry something ( I forget). Anyway, from all the Starbucks stores around the globe, this is another one from my never-to-return list. No details. Its just about it.

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