Friday, October 15, 2010

Bon Chon Chicken

Have you tried Bonchon chicken lately? Yours truly only first heard of it few days back. I tasted and like it. When my office colleagues ordered from a nearby branch in Karama area. I love the crunchie from the outside and the sweet taste from the inside. That was the first and I swear I will come back for more.

Not long enough, Far-ouT and I decided to dine here yesterday,

the place has a homey atmosphere, with mostly Filipinos dining in.

Bonchon's crispy fried chicken combines a juicy, lean, tasting crispy chicken with secret sauce. It also contains 0 trans fat and it isn't greasy like your average fried chicken.

Far-ouT and yours truly ordered Garlic Fried rice(AED 11), 3 pieces Bon chicken (AED 13) with potato salad as side dish.

Aside from the famous chicken, they also have other menu to choose from like burgers, tortilla, noodles, stuffed chilli, different flavor of rice and salad.

Once you ordered you will be given a number, not the usual number mind you, it is small gadget, which I believe is battery operated. When your food is ready, the gadget will vibrate on its own, a signal for you to go to the counter and collect your food.

Their post it is also a nice touch as well. They have available post it and different colored pens to write on to, then you can post your messages on the wall.

and it was time for us to have a space of our own.

For deliveries, you call them at 04-3977650 or 055-2662466 or visit their website for more details.

Until our next visit.

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