Friday, October 29, 2010

Tricks or Treat 2010

Its been such a riot week again. I hope everything with settle soon. My mind just keeps on working all the time the reason why I been having sleepless night. Being in a new job is difficult where everything is new to you. It seems that all you do is a mistake and you just feel so...stupid? Yeah. That's it. You can't focus, your mind doesn't work the way it should be and your sense just seem to wonder. You can't think straight. Your common sense is not even working. And hearing unnecessary comment is making it worse. I just want to kick myself for all the troubles I've put myself into. I know this too shall pass...but please...Hurry! My only consolation are the people who understand. The ones who make you feel better despite the errors. Thank God there are still human beings.

Nevertheless, I also know what I am capable of. Though I am disheartened at the moment, I'll get the hang of it sooner and hopefully not later.

Anyway, I don't want to succumb into frustration, so I make sure to relieve the stress out of my system. My Far-ouT and yours truly went for a run this morning after a not so big breakfast at Mcdonald's, late morning actually as the sun was just on its peak and really hurt my skin but no worries, I just enjoyed the run by the beach. One of the perks in Dubai, as beaches are very near, and is even accessible when you have a car to drive. I've been aiming to condition my body for next year as I plan to join a 10K run by November 2011. I hope to be in shape by then. After the run, we hit the beach and just have fun with the waves.

On a different note, after inquiring on different events this coming holy week, my mom was finally able to register Bella for trick or treat in Glorietta 5 on Sunday, 31st October. She will be a forest princess.

Here's her photos for the event. I can't rave about her costume for this year's trick or treat, it looks like an ordinary dress to me, except for the head dress and wings. But my Bella still looks cute with her costume so I am still happy about the whole thing.

and the important thing is Bella enjoyed her trick and treating. I was told that she keeps on smiling and waving to everybody. Yey! I want it to be a tradition for her to join events like thee to socialize with other kids. Last year when I was still in the Philippines, we were in Fun Ranch were she won the youngest participant, she was just 4 months old then.

This was us during last year's trick or treat in Fun Ranch (more photos at facebook)

But it wasn't so fun at all. I didn't realized how hot it was at that location. Very inconvenient. Sad that I will not be with my Bella to celebrate it with her this time, but I hope she'll forgive me for my absence for almost a month now. I wish she'll still remember Nanay when we finally meet again.

I've been dreaming of Bella to be a walking strawberry for 2 years now but I always end up with a different costume. I was little late to have it done on time. By 2011, I will make it earlier, and by then, she'll be here so that would buy me sometime to prepare for it.

This will be Bella the next time.

Thank goodness I always end my blog with happy thoughts. Thank God I have my Far-ouT and my Bella to complete me.

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