Saturday, April 16, 2011

Agemono: Eat-All-You-Can

Another Japanese treat yet again. Eversince I revived my liking for California Maki, I've been craving it for days. So Far-ouT and I just went for a walk and end up with Eat-All-You-Can at Agemono, just a few blocks away from our flat.

Trivia: When I was enjoying every bit of my food, Far-ouT said that one of the owners of Agemono is a Filipino Chef, he just couldn't remember his name but wow! right? Its good to hear that a lot of Filipinos are making big names all over the world. So I asked him: where is he now? Far-ouT: Working as a Chef. Yours truly: Ohhh.

Anyway, customer service is superb! All filipino servers are thumbs up when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Alright, here's what I had, I was catching my breath after the meal as it was another gastronomic binge.

Of course, the plain rice, can't do without it.

Hmm...I forget what kind of soup this is, I'm guessing corn and egg soup, it has a sweet taste, which I don't like that much. I actually prefer soup with a mild taste, I wonder what it is about sweet tasting soup as everytime I have corn soup its always has it sweet blend taste.

Chicken curry. Not also fond of curry, but I get to taste a little bit of it and it was not that bad after all. Just wasn't one of my favorites though.

Breaded Chicken. With the sauce, it's so-so.

Pad Thai noodles. Oh, Yeah! This is really good! I like how they cooked the noodles.

And my all time favorite shrimp dish, Tempura!

Of course, it can't go without its tempura sauce, which I also like.

There is also salad bar, I didn't like the choices though but it wasn't bad.

And the reason why we really end up at Agemono, the eat-all you can California Maki. Hahaha! I also get to taste the others but nothing can beat Maki.

Sorry, they weren't able to refill the plates when I took the pictures but they were fast to do it when its already running out.

You can also request to have your seafood cooked on the spot.

Far-ouT wasn't up for the eat-all-you-can that night so he chose to eat Bangsilog (Bangus, Sinangag at Itlog)

They usually have the eat-all-you can every Thursday. The place was small which is a downside of it.

I wonder what's on the other side the wall? Maybe their kitchen?

Eat All You Can!

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