Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gerard Patisserie

A walking distance from our office is Gerard Patisserie, where we had our few moments of bonding time. Three of us where officemates from our previous company in Dubai. One by one, we left the company and went our separate ways. But what do you know, history repeat itself as we are again reunited in another company.

We get to enjoy different drinks

Roanne had her Xtreme Mocha (Dhs 18.00)

Chat chose Hot chocolate (Dhs 17.00)

And yours truly got to have Iced Tea instead of coffee as I"m determined to sleep and avoid too much caffeine in the evening.

But my tummy was making noise already so I added carb to my drink, Chicken Mayonnaise.

Noticed the burnt portion? Ah! Never to order sandwich again.

Nevertheless, T'was still a night to remember the good ol' times.

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