Friday, April 29, 2011

Coco's Restaurant

So little time so much to do! I got inspired and really aspire to travel. Did you know the first I have to travel our of the country is to work in Dubai already? Did not even hear the place until the time that I was informed that I will be working in Dubai. I did not know a single soul from UAE. First passport, first ride in the airplane, first time to be far from my family, friends and Far-ouT. It was hard to survive, but I did not have a choice then even if I cry myself to sleep. I was here already, no turning back. Well, now I am ok. At least being alone made me stronger.

I've been thinking of a lot lately. The plan was to travel one country every year. This year, Far-ouT, Mame, Bella and yours truly scheduled to visit London in September! Yey! Hep! I dont want to go into details but I want to keep my fingers crossed and hope that it will happen as planned.

Also, Bella will be reunited with Nanay and Tatay soon...again, I don't want to go into details. Please stop me!!!

Ok, just to ignore the tingling excitement in my bones, I will share with you our latets foodie trip.

Have you been to Coco's Restaurant? Im sure a lot of you already have as you can find the place anywhere. I have too, more than twice actually but hadn't had the chance to talk about them. Good thing that Far-ouT and Yours truly decided to dine in again at Coco's. In my opinion, you will never go wrong with their menus. I consider it as one of the safest place for me to eat on several occasions.

I was amused with the coconut tree planted in the middle of the place. I wonder if its real or not. It doesn't really matter, the ambiance has this nice summer touch, with minimal lighting that added to its overall laid back appeal. Its a good combination, right? I feel at home.

Most of the servers are Filipinos, as we are known for being hospitable, friendly, warmth, not to mention, being conscious with our personal hygiene.

The complimentary bread were served hot and fresh.

For our soup, we ordered Cream of Broccoli soup in a bread bowl. (Dhs 27).

The soup was rich, creamy and served piping hot, in a sourdough bread bowl.

We had Chicken and Peach salad (Dhs 49). These are shredded boneless honey roasted chicken tossed with crispy bacon, sliced peaches, crumbled blue cheese, crunchy croutons, diced tomatoes, honey glazed walnuts on a bed of crisp greens.

Our salad was served Italian dressing. You may also opt for honey-dressing on the side.

Far-ouT and yours truly both ordered Lemon Mint (Dhs 15)

Love the tasted of mint on lemon.

My hunger was appeased already with the starters, so instead of ordering more, we decided to share our main course. Grilled Shrimp Peri-Peri (Dhs 76). Marinated shrimps grilled perfectly and tossed with peri-peri sauce, served with rice and vegetables.

There you go, Coco's is safe place to dine and definitely, worth it.

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