Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cuts for Tots for Bella's first hair cut

We planned for the longest time on when to schedule Bella's first hair cut. It was postponed several times for the reason that we just don't want her hair cut as yet. Since Bella will be travelling to Dubai soon, we don't want her to be stuck with long locks so today, 17th April marks bella's first hair cut. Before I left for Dubai, I already told my mom where to have Bella's haircut. Its cuts for Tots located in Megamall, very near the chapel. They have these cute little cars serves as the chairs and play toys while kids are having their hair cut. Bella was enjoying all toys at first and was oblivious on what she'll go through in a while.

And then they were already starting the cutting of her hair and when she realized what was happening, And so the struggle combined with tears and scream are the scene inside the salon

I wasn't actually expecting Bella to cry her heart out for her first hair cut.  She is a brave kid, just laughing off even an injection. I guess, she doesn't want anyone touching her hair.

Everybody was holding my bella as she struggle and try to get away with the scissors.

I was concerned that she might be traumatized by the experience, so I requested my mom not to proceed with it anymore and just schedule it for another day.  Good thing the hair cutter was very patient with kids and careful with his scissors.

And once its done, you can't see even see any trace of all the commotion that just happened. Bella is wearing one of her cute hair accessories from Sassy Hairsies.

That's my girl. My Sweet Bella.

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