Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Blogs that I Follow

Rest assured that I am still following my favorite blogs. You may not see yourself on my blog but I actually just move you to my dashboard to free some space on my page. I just felt that its too crowded already. I, as a blog reader myself doesn't want to be confuse with alot of clickable items on the page that I am reading. So I minimize what on it. Simplicity.

I am still in the process of thinking how to improve my blog and my grammar. I must admit, I am not that good in the English language, and sometimes there are correction that I overlooked but I try to improve them though Its just the way it is. As what the old saying goes, its the thought that counts.

I am still not up to making another food blog right now, but I'll make a new one at the soonest.

Good night for now.

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