Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pinoy Grill

I'll be quick with my post. Its not something that requires my full attention. Fa-ouT and yours truly enjoyed watching Catch me I'm in love. Gerard was just WOW! and Sarah played her part naturally. The story was a typical one, but the loveteam was good that makes the movie more appealing.

Anyway, while the movie was great the food that we had was not.

This is their Bulalo steak (Dhs 33). It was good tasting but the parts that were given to us was not ideal.

Molo soup (Dhs 9.00) was bland.

Paella (Dhs 29.00) was nothing but disappointment.

Typical Pinoy interior was ok though.

Sorry, but this place needs a major improvement.

Located near Al Ghurair Mall.

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