Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fab Occasion

On the Day Coordination (OTD)
Contact: Camille 0917-6032211

I didn’t just get a coordinator, I found a friend in Camz. Eversince we started, Camz was always there to support us. She was introduced by a colleague and from then on, we chatted almost everyday, not only about the wedding but anything and everything under the sun. It was always good to know that someone, aside from us, is thinking of our wedding and how we can make it a perfect one. And that made the preparation less stressful.

When we finally met her, nothing has change, she was the same person who I been chatting with, but this time, we talk for hours! Then few weeks before the wedding, she became na din my organizer and alarm clock. Always reminding me on what to do, what to bring and when to do it. Until the wedding day, I was calm because I know she was there to organize everything. Camz, Nina, Carla, Shelly, and Raine were all working and treated my wedding like their own. I even heard my mom thanking her for a job well done and saying how beautiful the wedding was. There were minor glitches, of course, but with all the hard work and dedication, it’s not worth mentioning. All we know is that they became part of our wedding worth remembering.

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