Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Yorker by Tina Lirag

Location: 2/F, BPI Bldg., 1004, Arnaiz Ave., Makati City
Contact: Ms. Tina: 8447753/0917-8334414
Email: tinalirag@yahoo.com

I must admit that I was worried too when I heard a lot of bad news about Tina sa W@W. But when I met her, all my worries were gone and stick with her, I’m confident that she will take care of me. I had several fittings, though I’m skinny, I’m not conscious on putting on weights, cant resists eating kasi. But days before the wedding, Tina jokingly told me to “Please stop eating!” And all I can do is laugh! They were very patient with all the alteration on my gown. I didn’t saw the final retouch on my gown kasi she said “you know the pamahiins of the oldies,” so the night before when they delivered the gown, I was awed! It was a simple yet elegant one. Bagay sa personality ko, hindi niya na over power ang ganda ko! Hahaha! One thing to describe it is “Your gown looks beautiful on you” and not “You look beautiful on your gown.”

I also like the look of our entourage gowns. We have the same fabric but we chose to have different colors and style of gowns for MOH, SS, BM, Jr. BM and FG according to their like and personality pero each gown has the same color of another gown to put uniformity to it. Very detailed talaga, you’ll recognize which is which and who is what.

We had minor headaches lang naman with our entourage gowns, there were several alterations, and every time we went there, another alteration needs to be done. So medyo, time consuming, hassle to those who work and travel pa to Makati. Few days before the wedding, all the gowns were made, so everything was ok.

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