Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Prenup Pictures: Art Layno Photography
Contact No: 0917-6256660

Art is a very good friend of ours and a great photographer! He is one of the few people na nakawitness ng 5 long years naming together and still counting. Even when were just starting our relationship, he volunteered that once we got married, he will be our photographer for free! Though the offer was tempting, we decided against it, we want him to enjoy our day with us. So we got him as one of the groomsmen.

But he still insisted on doing something for us. As a gift, he was the one who took our pre-nup pictures. Even though it was part of the freebies of Niceprint, we did not avail of it, simply because we know how good Art is and we trusted him to give the best ones. And he did! Our prenup photos were the best of them all, but not only that, from Guestbook to Thank you cards, to AVP pictures, all professionally done by Art.

We can’t thank him enough for all that he did for us, that is why, we really felt so bad when his works were not credited on our wedding day. When niceprint used his pictures on there thank you cards and avp, he’s name was removed from it. Our bad, we forgot to instruct niceprint to give credits to him and they did not bother to ask. But deep in our hearts we know that he will always be our perfect photographer.

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