Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nice Print Photography

Photo / Video supplier

Rupert and Albert were pleasant to deal with. Especially Rupert who was assigned to me, he was full of energy taking shots and I was out of breath with all the posing and stuff but I enjoyed posing for them kasi they were funny and pleasant. He made me at ease, kaya hindi na ako naconscious khit na it was the first time that we met. Although they were late, they said sorry naman and worked fast kaya we were still on time. We have beautiful photos to keep for life because of them.

Buti na lang Niceprint have people like them to compensate for whatever shortcomings they have for the services. As some of you may know, I’ve had issues with them prior to the wedding and that made me hesitant but I took Charisse words that we will still get the service that we deserved. I don’t want to get into details na. The important thing is that they were able to capture every moment of the most important event of our lives.

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