Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Lights and sound supplier
Contact: Elmer Bautista: 0927-3747246
Website: http://www.rejectkrew.tk/
Email: mailto:funkymix08@hotmail.com

With proper lighting Elmer was able to add a touch of beauty to our reception. The microphones were A-OK! I did not notice any feedback from it. He provided anima the proper volume for their music. One thing I observe on weddings that I attended, was when the AVP was playing, either the sound was too low to be notice or hindi siya interesting to see. That’s why I was thankful that Elmer provided the right volume for the AVP that everyone were watching, hindi nasayang yung AVP namin. Basta everything was alright because Elmer was there to do his craft.

When we first met Elmer, grabe ang energy niya! We thought it would only be a 30 minute to one hour meeting pero it lasted for almost 2 hours, partida, no sleep pa siya nun kasi galing sa gig! He asked the motiff, theme, who will be the emcee and other details and from there, He knows na what to do. No problem na because he worked with the other suppliers so alam na niya timpla. Thank goodness he is one of our suppliers!

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