Saturday, August 16, 2008

K by Cunanan Catering

Contact: Kaye Cunanan
0971-8986919; 7110940

Ever since I saw the works of Kaye, I never wanted any other caterer but her. I thought I was not going to get her then. One, because she was holding the date for another client who’s having problems with the venue and two, we were on a budget. Grabeng sad ko nun, feeling ko hindi magiging maganda ang wedding ko kung hindi si kaye ang caterer ko. Promise! I heard so much about her sa w@w. And when she told me that her other client needs to get another caterer, I just need to solve the second problem with my h2b! Kahit na, nag over budget kami, no regrets. She customized our menu with the budget that we set. We communicated through e-mails and only met her personally when we had our food tasting 4 months before our wedding, she was so nice and cannot say no to our every requests. We did not worry anymore because we know that Kaye will take care of us and hindi niya kami binigo. The set-up was simple yet elegant. Binagay niya sa place and theme. The food was great! Even the waiters were so attentive. And I love our backdrop, super nice! Everyone wants to seat in our sofa. Few of our friends even texted us and said that our wedding was the best!


Minor problems though, At first, I was a little disappointed sa center table piece, it was not what I was expecting, it was our fault din kasi talagang hindi kami detailed and no idea kung ano bagay so we leave it all to her but after seeing the photos, I realized na she matched it with the place and our theme so she really knows her craft so ok na ako after that. There were few other details na medyo nawala sa usapan naming like we initially requested for carrot rice, kasi we loved it sa food tasting palang, pero na overlooked namin sa final contract, steamed rice and rolls na lang. Nasira yata yung laptop niya kaya some of the details hindi na niya na retrieved. Another thing, we requested for chocolate decadence, unfortunately, she informed few days ago na one ingredient is not available in the market but she asked us to choose another dessert naman. And when the guests were in line to get their foods, I was panicking, because the buffet table was getting crowded na, we should have set two buffet tables instead of one.

Anyway, she was there the whole time, making sure that everything was ok, hands on talaga siya, nakakataba ng puso. So if someone would ask me to suggest a caterer, Kaye will be the first, the only and the last supplier I would recommend.

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