Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wedding accessories

Anik Anik
Contact Person: Pia Samantha Bautista
Contact no. 09052215978

Pia is a good friend of ours. She’s someone who really got involve and beyond. She was the first to know that we are finally getting married. So from day one till the wedding, she supported us all through out.

She is fashion, she is art and she is confidence. I did not look for anyone else to do my wedding accessories but her. We bought a bunch of shells from divisoria and then with the stroke of her wand turned it to the most beautiful cord you’ll ever see! We so loved it and proud of it. Her creativity did not stop there as Girl was also the one who did our unity candles.

And we did not serve the usual food to our suppliers in the hotel as she volunteered to prepare it herself. From being the master of art, comes Chef Pia, the food was worth the wait since everybody loved her food!

What more can we ask for from our maid of honor?!

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