Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Aristocrat Restaurant

During Rower's Club Philippines (RCP) Anniversary, I was able to taste again Aristocrat, strategetically located along Roxas Boulevard, where the first restaurant of Aristocrat was built. Food, as always is delicious.

This is what we have ordered from the list of set menus. Del Pilar Set consist of 1 order of chicken honey (whole), 1 order of sinigang na baka, 1 order of mixed chopsuey, and 4 orders of plain rice for a promo price of Php 905, approx. price per head is Php 225. According to them savings is Php 100. Not bad for servings to 4 persons.

I remember this is where Far-ouT asked my parents for their blessings on our planned wedding. Well, it was just to formalized it actually since everything was arranged already. But I did not appreciate it then, maybe because I was pre-occupied with what was happening. I can't remeber if Far-ouT was able to eat at all. I remember how nervous he was. Hahaha! He even asked me how he'll say it to my dad. He was like "gusto ko po sana hingin po ang blessing niyo sa kasal namin ni Lheng? (I would like to ask your daughter's hand in marriage.)

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