Sunday, July 25, 2010

Joy San Gabriel Cupcakes

I was planning to get Joy San Gabriel again for my daughter's christening, unfortunately, due to budget constraint, I save her for another special event. My Bella first birthday party.

I was very careful with the details on how the cake would look like as I wanted it again to be something that our guests will look forward to see and taste.

Joy and I met again for the second time around to discuss the details of the cake. She is still the same accommodating person I met the first time. She also brought with her a sample of strawberry shortcake.

Prior to that, I already sent her a photo of the cake that I wanted. Minus the rubber duckie candles.

On the day, when I visited the venue few hours before, she was already there preparing but I wasn't able to see the cake since I was still busy with other stuff.

We have chosen her coffee caramel and strawberry shortcake. The former were the ones that we have ordered during our wedding and I was looking forward to tasting it again.

I like the way she made the name of my daughter, very cute and of course, i love the taste of her yummy cupcakes.

The 3D rubber duckie designs were much better than 2D ones, but it still looks ok, nonetheless. The cake topper was cute. She did not charge for me this as she said this would be her gift for Bella.

If you will look closer though, there were cupcakes that were deformed. Maybe it was accidentally touched and made it that way.

 Some Icing on the cupcakes also has air bubbles.

Joy drawn me her sample of the cake that she will make. I didn't elaborate further as I know, she will not disappoint me. However, just few details were not met. We discussed that there would be 2 characters, duckies and froggies, however, the latter were missing from the cupcakes so some have no designs. That made me sad. I also requested for white baking cups, but she used silver instead. Nevertheless, the over all look of the cake was very nice.

If you are one of those that is very detailed and very much concerned about the look of your cake, I'd have to say I like her mini cakes more.

When it comes to tastes, there would be no doubt about it. Be it cupcake or mini cake, Joy San Gabriel cakes are truly delicious.

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