Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Milestone at 13 months

I am actually having mental notes on the highlights of Bella when she turned one. I am hoping I will be adding more as time pass...

  1. She babbles a lot. Like she's trying to engage us in a conversation . Even if we do not know a word she's saying. I found out in my search that a baby's babble leads to language.
  2. Her favorite toy to play with is her telephone. She also talks, like she's speaking to someone on the phone
  3. She walks a lot. She doesn't want anyone to accompany her while she's doing her errands.
  4. When she's in the room, she'll point to the door = meaning, I want to go out.
  5. When she sees you holding her shoes, she'll run to you because she knows, she'll go out of the room
  6. She insist on holding her spoon and fork and just play with the food on her plate. Sometimes, she'll try to put it on her mouth but to no avail so I still need to assist her.
  7. She now holds her toothbrush and brush her mouth. That is correct, her mouth so I still need to brush her teeth.
  8. She can now point to her eyes when I ask her "where is your eyes"
  9. When she's hungry, she'll say DEDE ehhhhh
  10. She dance to any tunes.
  11. She now gives her cheeks when you ask her for kiss.
  12. She has 4 upper and 4 lower teeth
  13. She can now imitate
  14. She enjoy gazing at her reflection
  15. She puts her index finger in front of her and move her head from left to right when you say NO
  16. She now has temper tantrums

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