Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting a wax done down there?

I've been to California Nails and Day spa for the second time around. The first time was when I had my brazilian waxing. It is one of my body rituals during my Dubai days, I always went to a salon near our flat. The one taking care of me is also a Filipina so after the first time, I was no longer shy, and that became a monthly schedule for me. However, during my pregnancy, I had to hold off waxing down there until after baby bella is born. It will not cause me to go into labor, however, I do not want to be uncomfortable as my belly was a hinder already so I had to stop. It took a while before I resume again. That was when my Bella hit her one year of age. I was actually hesitant to start it all over again. I never tried it in the Philippines before and it took months for me to finally decided to do it again.

So why brazilian you ask? This type of waxing refers to a removal of almost everything or an extreme form of it, is the complete removal of hair. Its much better than shaving, it never itched on me and doesn't cause me razor burn. It also lasts a long time and eventually hair grows softer and finer.

I search for several spa, aside from this waxing, I also have my hair remove on my half leg and underarm, the ones that I have tried are facial care, lay-bare, posh nails and and yes, even reyes salon. however, I am still in doubt should I get their service for brazilian. It is important that you get it done with a professional one. A salon that practice good hygiene.  That's when I chance upon CNDS, an affiliate of CANS (California Advanced Nail & Skincare), they are the only one in the Philippines that follows California and Cosmetology  Standards so that's a plus already and they are much cheaper than Strip, another salon that I consider.

I was alone when I had it done. I called to have an appointment. The waxer was a professional one, she was not the talkative type of person. I do not want small talk during this time and she was fast getting it done so that lessens the pain. It is recommended to do waxing, 4 weeks intervals.

For my second time, I went again for an underarm and half leg waxing. I have to delay the B some other time.

The waxer will lead you to the small cubicle inside for privacy. She asked me to changed my clothes to their robe for easier access the the areas that needs to be done. If you will look closer to the photos, the wax has 2 colors, green and a dark one. The latter is the one they use for your sensitive areas while the former are for the less sensitive ones. Also, the person doing the wax has mask and apron that gave you peace of mind that they are really observing cleanliness in their area.

If you haven't tried it yet and is thinking of having one, you may have to ready yourself and for further queries, I got this reference for your guidance.

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