Saturday, July 24, 2010

DIY Centerpieces

I was planning to do my own centerpieces in line with my bubble bath delight theme. I didn't avail of Verleo's flower centerpieces and tried to make them change it to balloons instead but I was left with the option of empty fish bowls. Going back, when I was buying the stuff for the centerpieces, I called my AE to give me idea on how big the fish bowls are, she counted 6-8 golf balls size approx. So I both styro balls with those sizes. On the day, they have brought smaller ones which doesn't fit the rubber duckies. Fortunately, they immediately send the replacement, it was still a bit smaller but it fitted the duckies inside plus few styro balls.

It wasn't bad, was it? It was my first time to Do It Yourself.  To add a little bit more, I added a few blue stones that may look like droplets of water. By the way, Styro balls represented bubbles.

While waiting for the foods to be served, I included goblets full of M&Ms, c/o Far-ouT, bought all the way from Dubai.


However, accidentally, one was broken by their staff, I had no choice but to do something, so I had one table set with the smaller bowl then I just placed the rubber duckie on top.

And this is the how it looks like. Balloon centerpieces were provided by another supplier.

I hope to DIY more stuff for future events to save more on our budget.

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