Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Spa on our 2nd anniversary post celebration

I woke up at exactly 12 midnight with the sound of my mobile phone message tone. It was my Far-ouT greeting me with a Happy Monthsary. After five years of being in a relationship, Two years and Two months of being married...he never forgets our monthly date. our eighteen.

May 18, 2010 was our Second Anniversary. We were not lucky enough to celebrate it again together for the second time around.

So my Far-ouT send this again to put a smile to my face. Well, he did. Just like what her did from our 1st Anniversary.

It was never too late to celebrate something special, so a month after our 2nd anniversary, when Far-ouT was already here for a vacation, he again made sure that he'd make me happy so he treated me to The Spa.

From their list of packages, we got the Refreshing Start (DELUXE Php 1950) that includes a choice of Body Massage, Choice of Foot Therapy and Aroma Facial Massage.

Far-ouT and I got the Swedish for the Body Massage, Peppermint Foot Rub for me and Thai foot for him while both of us also got the Aroma Facial Massage.

We were walk-in clients at 4PM and unfortunately, they don't accommodate the ones with no appointment, so we were ask to come back at 6PM. We decided to have a bite at Oliver's Sandwich first.

Upon our return, we were like late for a few minutes from their clock, so we immediately led to our respective places. Men and Women have their own space unless you got the couple's room.

The attendant ask me should I still wish to have a shower prior to my chosen services, of course, I want that. She gave me five minutes, otherwise, the one assigned to me will be given to another customer and that I have to wait again for someone to be available since I was late. My bad. she even added that my husband started immediately with his. Okay, so now you want me to feel guilty that I wanted to have a quick shower? Anyway, she told me this in a nice way. Nicer that you will feel bad if you reacted negatively so I just let it pass.

I grab my towel and took a quick bath, I was tempted to take few more pictures but I embarrassment took over me so I decided against it.

The ambiance at The Spa was really something to look forward to. They observe cleanliness and an atmosphere of relaxation. Other than that, nothing more, really. They are just like the other spas available in the market. The quality of massage was the same, nothing fancy. I even got better massage from Big Apple spa that was not expensive. The facial at Belo was much better and foot massage was so, so. I got an even better one at Foot for the Gods. It was like someone was just rubbing my legs with peppermint.

Also, for each attendant that will attend to you, all of them will give you a small envelope for tip. You are not oblige to give but of course, most of us will probably will. But this is not a good practice for such a high end spa, don't you think?

I was already done with all the service and I was already fixing myself to meet Far-ouT at the lobby. Then a freak accident happened. I dropped my key just behind the toilet bowl. Just what I needed. Tried to get it myself but to no avail. So I asked the help of the attendant. She too tried. Well, she got a key, but not the one for my locker. Another one which was also there for quite sometime now since it was already rusted. Great! So it was not the first one and they did not do something about it the first time.

The attendant told me that I have to wait, she needs to ask the permission of the management to break the lock, they do not have spare keys for the lockers for security purposes. We have waited for more than 30 minutes for the approval then another less than a minute to get my things inside the locker when they broke it.

I have been dreaming of experiencing The Spa for the longest time since it was expensive for me and Far-ouT made that happened. Unfortunately, I was kindda disappointed since I was expecting more from them.

It was an experience nevertheless.

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