Friday, July 9, 2010

Cough and Colds

Today is a officially drug-free day for Bella. No more medicines, nasal spray, sunctions, anti-biotics, and nebulizer. She's been sick for a week or so and had her checked-up last July 3, 2010. Her Pedia was out of town, so a reliever attended to her. I was so guilty for taking the cough and colds for granted. It was actually on and off and I relied too much on the thought that she's been breastfed since birth and thinking that she is far from sickness and her current condition will go away without treatment.

I was asked by the doctor how long she's been sick, I said a week or so. She instructed me not to have it lasted for 3 days without check-up. She asked me if we have a history of Asthma. My mom has. Although, Bella doesn't have one yet, it is better to be cautious as there is a possibility of acquiring one. And taking cough and colds for granted may lead to brochitis and pneumonia.  I was embarrassed on how bad mother I've been. Maybe spending too much in the water at Ace Water Spa made her condition worse.

We have been instructed  to nebulize Bella every six hours for 5 days with 1/2 nebule of Salbutamol (Ventolin) to 2 ml RSS 0.9% Sodium chloride. She doesn't like the sound of the nebulizer and the smoke coming out of it so it was a struggle to have this done to her when she's awake so we tried to do it when she's asleep.

Muconase nasal spray is even harder to carry out which is 4-5 times a day then we need to suction her nose gently for snot. She's been crying out loud everytime we do this to her.

Bella also has to drink Cimex (Cefuroxime) Antibacterial. She doesn't like the taste of it, she pressed her lips tightly whenever we tried to put it in mouth. What we did was put it in a dropper instead of having her drink it in a cup and pinched it on the side of her inside cheeks then blow air on her mouth which will make her swallow without spilling.

The only thing that she liked to drink was the neozep drops.

She is better now. We don't hear any whooping sound anymore when she breathes. No more cough and colds. She will have her scheduled check-up tomorrow with her Pedia and hope everything is alright now.

It was the longest five days ever. It was a lesson learned. I'll be more careful with her.

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