Thursday, July 15, 2010

Far Away

At the time of writing, Far-ouT may be far from the sky, watching a movie or just snoozing away. Today is his flight back to Dubai after 45 days of vacation, as what he calls it, back to reality. We have been like this for quite sometime now. Far from each other. I am just writing this blag! with a heavy heart. I refuse to cry though. I know it's harder for him since he is the one working far from his family, from his friends, from the things that he loves doing, far from me and Bella.

I know how it felt, Been there, Done that. The first time that we got separated was when I went first to another country. Everybody was a stranger. I was alone. I felt empty for six months. Then he came. And things just got better since we were together. Then again when I went home alone to await the coming of Bella. He was left behind, we were not together for three months. He went back to Dubai after a month of being with me and his 1 month old daughter. It was for a year. Then we were excited to see him again. It was a good 45 days. Good things just don't last forever as again he left to work. Another year to count to be with him for a month or so.

Far-out just makes me it easier for me to cope as he talks about a year is just a few days away for him to come back again.

I can't thank you enough to the one who invented e-mail, chat, cam and everything about technology, we were near even if we are far. I am looking forward to give my Far-ouT a big hug again.

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