Friday, July 9, 2010

Sbarro Food Trip

My Far-ouT and I went to Bonifacio Highstreet to buy our much awaited Sanuk sandals. It was actually on 15% discount. A more reason to celebrate. There were not some much designs to choose from though, I even asked the saleslady for other branches so we may check them out. However, she said they are the only ones on sale and since the only reason we went to this place was to buy the stuff, we might as well go for it. While we were already testing the sizes, one customer just pass by and the saleslady offered her the discounted rates. Big mistake. She said loud enough for us to hear that she went to the main branch just yesterday and it was 50% sale. Whoa. We don't want to miss this event so we asked her where it is located, the lady was nice enough to give the directions, even informing us that tomorrow will be the last day of the sale. Thanking her, we postponed our buy for tomorrow and went to Market! Market! instead for a snack.

We planned to eat at KFC but left disappointed. The service was really slow and when it was our turn to order, the cashier informed us that zinger is no longer available and that we have to wait for another 15 minutes for another kind of sandwich (forget the name). Anyway, we just cancelled.

We decided to dine at Sbarro. Because of the big servings, we shared our order.

Baked Ziti with garlic bread (Php 96.00) + extra garlic bread (Php 15.00)

Chicago white (Php172.00/slice)

Ice Tea (Big Php 41.00) and a water (Php FREE) for Far-ouT)

This is also the place were Far-ouT took me when we had our first date and everytime we dine in here, I always end up telling him, this is where you first took me for a date. Hahaha! Anyway, we were almost finished when some bunch of teenage girls dine in as well. All were ingleseras. All were wearing expensive stuff. The last thing we know we were already discussing where we should enroll Bella. We only want what's best for her. Though, it's just so hard to decide since we want to instill good values as well as good education. I said I am just scared that if we put her to one of the best schools, she may want to be just like them. Dress just like them. Talk just like them. She may want things that we might not be able to afford just to be in the "in" crowd. You should know that, we've been there. And the generation are just so high tech and that scares me as well. Far-ouT argues that, there are things that we should explain to her. Make her understand that she can't have everything she wanted easily, she needs to work hard for it. It is how the way she should grow up that will make the big difference in her. I got his point. But I am still concerned nonetheless. I am a mother.

I'll just cross the bridge when the time comes. For now, I'll enjoy every moment of Bella being my baby.

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