Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Pancake House

One of my favorite pinoy breakfast is tapsilog. That is the combination of tapa, sinangag and itlog. I've tried several of it from different restaurant and eatery. So far, the best of them all is the one that I had in Pancake House. During one of my Bella's check-up at St. Luke's, we were able to dine at their branch nearby, just a walking distance from the hospital and I actually came back for more.

This delicious dish comes with a high price tag though.

For a tapsilog that cost Php 195.00 (if I remember it corrected, I have to have another one to check?), i may have to think twice to enjoy yet another taste of it.

And of course, I want it served with a brewed coffee.

My sister was with me. She ordered another silog meal and I ordered a pancake for my Bella.

She wasn't able to finish hers though, which was a pain in the pocket since both silog meal cost the same price. Nothing special about the pancakes.  I like waffle more.

If you would want to have a nice, quiet breakfast, visit one of their branches today.

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