Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sanuk Sandals and then some

Further to my blag! yesterday, after we have learned of the 50% discounted rate on all Sanuk Sandal. We finally have our very own Sanuk Sandal. We made some splurging on this big sale.

It is a yearly event, so we may be back again for more the next time.

It was very hard to find my size...Fortunately, there is one available

Guess most of it were taken already. There were lots of Sanuk Mens available and are lot better than the ones for women and Far-out was able to buy good ones

This sidewalk surfers are known as "Not-A-Shoe" for their comfort and patented sandal construction. Really nice to wear.

Good thing, I was able to find a nice Hedgren Urban bag to pair my shoes.

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