Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ace Water Spa

Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for pain relief and treating illnesses. It is highly effective form of natural therapy. It has a lot of health benefit and if you are suffering from any form of sickness, hydrotherapy can target these problems effectively.

Far-ouT and yours truly decided to try a different kind of massage at Ace Water Spa. They offer hydrotheraphy with waterfalls, lazy river and 25 massage systems to target the different part of your body. They allow you to stay at the pool area for 4 hours, but we weren't able to stay that long since Bella was not feeling well and staying in the water for such a long time might aggravate her cough and colds.

We arrived at Quezon City around 11:00 AM so we decided to dine in first at Ace Coffee Lounge. As usual, I ordered my Pinoy favorite breakfast, tapsilog, I was surprised that Ace is serving great tasting menu as well.

After finishing our food, we proceeded to change into our swimming attire. They have separate changing rooms for the boys and girls which also goes directly to the pool area. Bella and I went to our assigned station and were given keys for the locker to keep our stuff. We change into our bathing suits and took a shower. Ace  practice good hygiene as they are strict with their policies so a fitted swimwear is a must.

 Far-ouT was already waiting for us when we were done with the cleaning procedure. Since it was just the 3 of us, Hubby and I took turns so one of us can take care of Bella while the other were trying the different massages Ace Water Spa has to offer.

Their management are only after the safety of their customers so they have strict compliance that cameras / videos and other things excepts towels are not allowed to go inside and if it is about it, then I am up for it as well. This is as far as my camera can go.

I believe it was a right decision for us to eat lunch first before heading for our massages, not only that our stomach was full, since food and drink are prohibited at the spa area, it was also the best time to enjoy the place with only a few number of people to share the systems with.

After relaxing at their massages area , Far-ouT and I headed to the hot herbal pools area, again took turns while the other was watching after Bella. I went first and I must say this is so far, my favorite among all their facilities. I tried the 3 herbal pools, Mint, Jasmine and Lavander Pool. Just a word of advice, be sure to dip in their cold pool each time you use their hot pools. This is what they call Contrast Therapy Plunge.

"It is a special hydrotherapy experience wherein an alternate plunging in the hot herbal pool and cold pool is involved. Immersion on hot herbal pool will open up pores to allow the release of body toxins while stimulating blood flow to the core of the body while tightening the pores. Alternate immersion is recommended to keep your body temperature and heart rate at a healthy level."

After Far-ouT's turn, we decided to call it a day so we headed back to the locker rooms to take a shower and fix our things then grab a quick bite again at their restaurant.

It was such a wonderful experience to try hydrotherapy, not only did it made us feel relaxed, it was also a family bonding time. We decided to come back when Far-ouT return from abroad. So that would be next year. Hahaha! Till then, Ace Wate Spa.

Ace Water Spa is located at 399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.)SFDM, Quezon City. 


ivymarasigan said...

sounds fun! will go there one of these days :) kelangan mag-alis ng stress. hehe

A-Life said...

Yeah, it is! try niyo sis. Relaxing. I suggest you bring someone to take care of your kid para makapagenjoy kayo at makapagplay din siya. Enjoy!