Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Fine Dining

Have you experienced buying food not only for its taste but most importantly for their overall look? Its not something that you will find on an everyday dish. Its more of fine dining which most of us Filipinos are not fond of. At least for the majority of us who you may call, MASA.

Yours truly was given an opportunity to experienced this once in a lifetime I-don't-know-what-utensils-to-use.

I have ordered Prawn and beef tenderloin. It was so yummy, you'll forget who you are. Hahaha! Kidding.

After that sumptous meal, I ordered Mango Crepes for dessert. It was just so hard to eat after putting it in the plate this way.

Not the usual mango crepe right? After sometime, I finally was able break the beautifully done dessert and enjoyed tasting my friends desserts as well.

The chocolate lava. I have such a high respect for people who make this sweets turned into a barbie doll kind of thing.

Care for more fruits?

The term fine dining brings to mind all kinds of images, from crisp white table cloths to waiters in tuxedos. Fine dining, just as the name suggests, offers patrons the finest in food, service and atmosphere. It is also the highest priced type of restaurant. It is for special occasion, so the food must not disappoint - in either selection or quality. You don't need to feature a huge menu, but it should be interesting, offering unique items that patrons wouldn't find at any other restaurant.

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