Monday, August 9, 2010

Mommy Milkshake Finisher

Bella and I finished the Mommy Milkshake 3K fun run. We enjoyed the run even with the rains pouring hard on us. Most of the time during the run, my Bella was on her stroller. Good thing I brought it with us. Whenever I tried to put her down, she'll request me to carry her. Bella was not on her usual self this morning, who would be? After being squished by her stroller. My bad! She got a small bruise just below her left eyebrow and there were swollen part surrounding the eye as well. I checked for any redness on the eye and nothing was found. Good thing, it was not affected in any way.

I was already having second thoughts when rain started to fall before we left the house, but I still wish to join and experience running with my Bella so I decided to push through with it. No regrets. We had so much fun the whole time.

I believe I just made a few boo boo. For one, we almost arrived late prior to the start of the run. We only had few minutes to prepare and I was in a hurry to register. However, my friends arrived a little later than us so we still have to wait for them. When the 3K run already started, we were among the last group to proceed with it. It doesn't really matter, as our plan was to enjoy the whole experience with the kids. We stopped a few times along the way to take a few shots.

Secondly, I am not sure if I followed the route correctly. When we were about to finished the race, a sign was directing finish to 5K run, however, 3K run had to proceed for a 2nd lap? The lady giving instruction was also saying to go for the second lap, so I again turn for another run. Also, another organizer was also asking if it was already our second lap. So I thought I was doing the correct route. However, along the way I was already thinking to return from where we came from since no one was behind us. Bella was getting irritated on her stroller already, so I carried her while pushing the stroller. I was getting tired myself with what I did. Fortunately, we still met a couple of 5K runners left behind. I am not sure if we just run 3K. Nevertheless, one thing I know for sure, its 3K or even more. Hahaha!

When we arrived at the finish line. The program already started. Everybody was collecting freebies that the event provided. There were Magazines, medicine, and a lot more. We enjoyed the most was the Clip Photobooth. Always a hit.

There were also nice prizes for the fastest runner, the most pregnant woman, the most eldest runner, etc. The cutest award went to the youngest runner which was about four months old and the lucky kid got a cute motor bike. We wish to get ours for future events. Hahaha!

It was our first mother and daughter run. More to come.

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