Thursday, August 12, 2010

Richard, the host

When I asked Apple if she can recommend a host. It was Richard. I searched him first in N@W and found only one who had him on an event so I was hesitant to get him. I inquire again if there were others like Symond, Flooch and the like? The more popular ones in N@W. She said those were no longer available on our date. I didn't have any other choice since the party was only one week from then so I got Richard. And had no regret.

Richard is a host, magician, ventriloquist, do balloon twisting. All in one package, inclusive of sound system.

When he approached me prior to the start of the party and asked me should I wish for bad English or straight Tagalog? Hahaha! I just told him, you may do TagLish. Its fine.

The whole time, we had no problems entertaining the guests as they were all watching him. Parents were more relaxed and just enjoying the party as their kids were all laughing and was amazed with his antics. Guests were even shouting more! at the the end of his program. Everybody were so entertained.

His balloon twisting

His magic

His puppet

All all the happy faces

Kudos to Richard, for making my Bella's birthday a memorable one!

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