Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yanple Party Shop rating

I got Apple of Yample Party Shop twice already. Baptism of my Bella and now the celebration of her 1st birthday party and though I have not met her just yet, I was always satisfied with her work. I have scouted several suppliers on both occasion but Yanple always top them all.

I just browse through her site and check how I wanted it to be and I like the outcome of the party venue.

I got her Decor Package 1 (Php 4,500) consists of 100 ceiling balloons, 8 simple table centerpieces, 2 5ft. pillars.

To make it look like under water bubble bath delight, I requested for metallic blue, light blue and white balloons. However, I've realized that 100 pieces is not enough to spruce up Makati Park and Garden. Nevertheless, thanks to Yanple (I believe her husband was the one who decorated the place), they were able to have it still look festive even with limited number of balloons.

For the centerpieces, I only wanted bubble-like balloons just to add something for my DIY centerpieces, good thing I have thought of this beforehand, it looks nicer. Centerpieces were all taken home by the guests too.

The pillars was a heaven sent to me. I made a mistake on the size of the tarpauline that I ordered, it was so small! Fortunately, the pillars saved the day. I have to thank the husband of Apple (sorry, forgot his name) as he helped us set-up the tarp.

I ordered ice cream food cart (Php 2300) from her.  It was such a hit, when I got mine there was only one left from the 3 flavors at the end of the party. Cheese? Well, chocolate and cookies and cream will always be the all time favorite.

I just wish Yanple will find ways on how they can make their food carts eye-catching, even the one serving it was only on his jeans and shirt. Or is it just me? since I only ordered 1 food cart, it just look like plain and boring? I hope I ordered more treats to the guests but budget is not permitting me anymore. Maybe next time then.

I was planning to get a face painter supplier, I was sure this would be another hit to the kids. However, we cancelled at the last minute. When we calculated, I have gone overboard again, so Far-ouT told me to remove the not-so-important details from the party (but that was important!). Anyway, how can my theme be a bubble bath delight without the bubbles right? Good thing, Yanple also has this from her list of services.

And I was right to insist on the bubble machine (Far-ouT wanted it out as well). I just thought the bubble machine was a big one but the smaller version served its purpose nonetheless so even without the face painting, the kids enjoyed popping all the bubbles everything.

Upps, that was me on the last photo in a not so very nice stolen shot. Hahaha! Till the next party, Apple!

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