Monday, August 16, 2010

Other Birthday Party Details

Divisoria Mall. I was actually dragging myself to go here as I don't like the inconvenience of the crowded places. However, I was surprised to find everything that I needed in this place. I was also delighted to find out that the mall was airconditioned already so roaming around the area was not as bad as before. Now Divisoria Mall is my new found friend when it comes to bargain.

This is where we brought all the stuff for the loot bags. When I have calculated everything, each loot bag only cost me Php50.00 with 4 items inside plus the baggie. Really a bargain for our souvenirs. My tip is to buy on whole sale prices, it was better than buying lesser or individually. Whole sale prices is minimum of 6 pieces which can save you between Php10 to Php 15 for each item.

For my bubble bath delight theme, I wanted something that would be useful for the kids so I thought of buying these items. The parents and the kids love our treat for them. Even the baggie is something that can be recycled.

As you can see from above, the rubber duckies and rubber froggies were the highlight of the loot baggies, included as well are the blowing bubbles, a loofa scrubby and a sponge bob towel.

I placed a thank you card with my Bella's photo on each, attached as well are duckie and froggie sticker that I also used as name tags. What my plan was to write the names of the kids on the sticker, unfortunately, there was no time anymore. So I wish the kids would find this as something useful.

I also found the supplier of my tarpauline from Divisoria mall which, I believe was more cheaper than the other ones in the market. All I did was explained my concept and provided all the details. The output was really nice and the people there were pleasant to deal with. After a few hours, its done.

I also bought all the prizes here. I chose towels, nail polish, lip balms, shower caps and colored pens.

I know it was not so kid friendly, I wanted kids to play for their parents since they already have their lootbags, why not give something to their moms and dads? And parents were participating even more because of the enticing prizes that they'll get to enjoy.


ivymarasigan said...

cool finds! and nice theme. bigla ko tuloy na-miss mag organize ng parties. :)

A-Life said...

Thanks, Ivy. Me too! I love to prepare parties. Kaya lang, matagal tagal pa yung 3rd birthday party ni Bella ko. hehehe!